Brett Barnett
Jonathan Homer and Helen Hall in Shadazzle


The fantastic first season of Shadazzle introduces us to Spittlegum, a town steeped in drama and inspired by over-the-top soap operas, where we first meet the characters of this quirky comedy-drama. Across eight episodes, we see Florence and Fred’s struggles to plan for their wedding as their financial situation becomes dire and Florence is forced onto an unpleasant new career path.

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Helen Hall Florence Flagglebush
Brett Barnett Fred Flagglebush, George Flagglebush
Vicky Flynn Lily Potts
Georgina Hall Maud Smith
Hugh Hedley Tom Collins
Jonathan Homer Trevor Shaw
Leigh-Anne Homer Alex Abernathy
Tom James Jerry Wigfield
Jordan Reeves Robert Haleton
Stacey Mackenzie Tess Collins
Ellis Marsh Billy
Catherine Wood Jemima
Written by Brett Barnett, Stacey Mackenzie & Leigh-Anne Homer
Music by Ostrich Bay
Directed by Brett Barnett